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Seventh Court of Appeals Ends Spielbauer Case

The Seventh Court of Appeals just affirmed the conviction and life sentence of Jeremy David Spielbauer for the murder of his ex-wife Robin Spielbauer. 

This decision came on October 12th after the court stated that Jeremy didn’t have the 6th Amendment right to counsel thanks to his false statements made to his counsel about his involvement.

This decision also comes because in the beginning he was not considered a suspect, or was formally charged with her murder, and submitted several interviews with the Randall County Sheriff’s office. 

They found that the trial judge did not make any error during jury selection, and the lower appellate court review of the final ineffective assistance of counsel was also incorrect.  

This opinion ends the case that has lasted for more than 7 and a half years. 

Randall County District Attorney’s Office hopes that this can add some peace of mind to Robins’s family and loved ones. 

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