Firsthand Story about Depression and Medication

With medical treatment being the best it has ever been throughout history, it can be easy to get lost in medication and prescriptions. 

This was the case with Brooke Sien, who recently wrote a memoir called May Cause Side Effects. 

It details her life from 15 years old when she started antidepressant meds, to her 30s when she decided to restart her life without them. 

While the process was done correctly, she highlights the basis of starting antidepressants. 

After she stopped taking her prescribed meds, and her subsequent withdrawal, she found a new lease on life and realized it was hers to live. 

She stated as well that there are many factors that need to improve in people’s lives that covering those feelings cant help. 

If you would like to learn more about Brooke or her story, check out her book, May Cause Side Effects. 

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