48 Years Split Amongst 3 After Deputy Vehicle Crash and Meth Bust

Three Drug Traffickers were sentenced to a total of 48 years in prison after crashing into a Potter County Deputy Vehicle. 

31-year-old Kyle Willeke and 35-year-old Ricardo Rodriguez pleaded guilty for possession with intent to distribute meth and were each given 20 years in federal prison.

26-year-old Monique Derau also pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and misprision of a felony and was given 8 years. 

The three were caught when police attempted a traffic stop with a Toyota Rav 4, and was struck by a Nissan Infiniti.

The Deputy Vehicle went into a spin out of control and both vehicles were able to escape until they were caught once again in a rental car. 

A sweep of Derau’s Storage Unit found seven bags of meth, that she later claimed to belong to Willeke and Rodriguez.

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