Stay Safe while you enjoy this years Football Season

Football is one of Texas’ most popular pastimes, and enjoying the game can come in many forms. 

However, one of the things you should be sure of while you’re out and about this fall is having a sober ride. 

In Texas, one person dies every 9 hours and six minutes related to intoxicated driving, and last year, 963 people died and 2,114 were injured because someone drove while impaired. 

Amarillo’s area saw 414 DUI-related incidents in 2020 leading to 17 fatalities and 46 serious injuries.

Driving while intoxicated is 100% preventable, and can lead to serious physical, mental, or reputational issues for more than just yourself. 

TxDOT’s Drive sober, No Regrets campaign is crucial for ending drunk driving and will be conducting outreach events coinciding with college football to spread awareness.

Please be safe, don’t get behind the wheel if you are not fit to drive, and take other measures, like having a designated driver, calling a ride-share service, or using public transportation. 


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