Shi Lee’s BBQ to Take Part in Annual Spring Break Lunch Program

With Spring Break on the horizon, Shi Lee’s BBQ and Soul Food will be around the community with fun times for a great cause. 

Volunteers and donations are needed for what is called, “The Vessel of Humanity and Compassion”, where the good folks at Shi Lee’s will serve thousands of free lunches all over the city throughout the week of spring break.

There will be starting and ending events for this initiative at Bones Hooks Park on Sunday, March 10th, and Saturday, March 16th, starting at noon. Along with the food, there will also be bounce houses and various games for your family to enjoy. 

Donations in the form of breakfast or lunch items like chips, juices, or fruit snacks to name a few, can be brought to Shi Lee’s at 1213 Southwest 3rd Avenue.

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