Is It Protesting Or Hate?

I am not a protester. Can’t say I have ever come across something I felt so strongly about or possibly just hated so much it made me want to take up a sign and walk around shouting something.

Protesting is actually one of those fascinating rights that all citizens of these United States have an absolute right to.

Protesting is allowed – even protected – by our constitution. The real irony, tragic as it may be, is that it – as a form of free speech – is what our service men and women have given their lives in protection of.

In almost every other country on the planet, protesters are in violation of some law and imprisoned. Some are executed, either behind the walls of a prison or in full view of the public for added effect and promotion of fear.

Here in our country, you are allowed to protest almost anything. Free Speech clears the path for you to say what you want about law, order, government, working conditions, how life is just too hard and everything offends you, and more.

Yes, there are some rules and generally, you are supposed to file for a permit to protest.

It seems a bit silly, doesn’t it? To want to join others to express your angst, frustration…hate, but need to apply for a permit to do so?

Well, not all the time.

I imagine the Hollywood writers or actors sought permits. I am not sure about the striking UAW.

But let’s get back to the “Rules” of protesting. Actually, let’s try to identify them and share examples of how protests today are inline with what our country allows and what our brave soldiers shed blood for.

Hmmm, are you having the same problem I am? I can’t seem to think of one that appears to have been carried out by the rules.

Protests today don’t fit the mold of what is or even should be allowed. Not only that, but protests today are now used to excuse violence which includes brutality and murder.

What’s more, they go unpunished.

How soon we forget the protests – riots – of the summer of 2020. Well, maybe some have forgotten, I have not. They took place in Chicago. Minneapolis. Seattle. Philadelphia.

The list goes on.

Black Lives Matter. ANTIFA. Environmentalists. Those believing the un-vaccinated were killing everyone. Add a few of your own here. Recognize, what might be considered as straight-up rioting, are actually categorized, at least until only recently, as protests.

In 2020, a CNN reporter seeking to describe what he was viewing as a mob of people clearly seeking to hide their identities were breaking windows on store fronts, setting vehicles alight, assaulting passersby while buildings burned. That reporter had the brass to say, “What I am witnessing is peaceful for the most part.” CNN – and others – seemed to refuse to refer to it as mob violence and rioting.

So, in the days that followed the absolute murderous acts carried out in Israel by Hamas, more of those “Peaceful” protests broke out around the world and right here in the United States of America.

Again, it’s a frustration for some to believe the very forces some want to defund and disarm, are the very same folks that provide the right for them to protest! Hell, even provide them protection!

While most have expressed concern and support for Israel – the slaughtered victims, not all Israeli by the way – others have chosen to cheer Hamas. Yep, I have read a few stories and watched videos of people complimenting Hamas for their efforts, cheering them on to future such attacks.

One politician chose to fly the Palestinian AND the LGBTQ flag outside her tax-funded office, another chose to dawn his Israeli Defense Force (IDF) uniform while hosting a press conference.

Free Speech, as I have said more times than I care to count, is a beautiful thing and an enviable right. The problem is not many know how to use it. I mean this sincerely.

Let me ask you this…do you believe for one moment that all you see and hear protesting here in our country have any real understanding or connection to Palestine? Israel? Iran? Hamas? Hezbollah? Do you believe 7-out-of-10 could point out Israel on a map? Gaza? Egypt? Wait, let’s go a little further. Do you think most, if any, participating in the protests can spell any of the country names, say nothing about the forces being named?

Hate is hate. Always has been. Always will be. Is hate taught? Yes and no. The caveat here is understanding that indoctrination is a form of teaching. However, indoctrination generally preys on the weak, lost or confused. Even those unable or unwilling to think for themselves.

It is also important to keep in mind hate is an emotion. Emotion can, in fact, be controlled, even changed. That is actually the upside to this thing we call Freewill.

Free Will is more often than not, what gets us into trouble more than anything. In most home environments, an understanding of what is right and what is wrong is, at the very least, made known if not outwardly taught. It is Free Will that allows us to make that choice to go against what we know we shouldn’t do; like join in the acts and beliefs of others, including applauding the savage murder of innocents.

So, again I ask, do you think all that are protesting – or that have protested – anything; George Floyd’s death, the refusal by some to get jabbed, gun violence, global political issues…whatever, do you think they are all instigators? Or is it possible many – most in some cases – are little more than followers? The weak and confused seeking anything that may show them some sympathy and understanding in exchange for allegiance? Participation in a riot disguised as a protest?

Here’s a challenge. Research protests vs. riots of the past. Believe it or not, there is a difference. A profound difference. Protesters back “in the day” didn’t hide their identity. They stood by their position proudly. They wanted you to know who they were. They didn’t resort to violence or terrorist tactics.

Sadly, not today. When violent outbursts during which participants seeking to hide behind masks, hoodies – doing all they can to prevent being identified – are reported as “mostly peaceful,” there is a problem.

Not all Palestinians are terrorists. I am willing to bet most want nothing to do with Hamas. Did you know in many areas in Israel, Palestinians work alongside Israelis? Probably not because that is not what garners viewership or clicks, or shares.

The terrorist playbook calls for indoctrinating as many as possible, using them, and to attack both physically and psychologically. To incite fear is almost as good as pulling the trigger.

Not everyone here in our country protesting Israel’s efforts to defend itself or shouting support for the savagery of Hamas has any connection to, let alone, an understanding of what is happening. They are just weak and lost. Rather than apply themselves to the laws that, ironically protect them, they choose to take the path that requires little more than, “Here I am. Tell me what to do.”

This is why I don’t protest. Oh, I have a passion for things. I am still able to decipher agendas and decide for myself, though. Common sense appears to be my strength but kryptonite to those that can’t indoctrinate me, or others like me.

Okay, it also helps that I am blessed to have a platform from which I can share my common sense and expose the BS.

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