Gun Control and Troubled Youth

Gun control. With each tragic shooting in our country – our state of Texas – lawmakers, politicians, activists and the media begin shouting for gun control as if we are hearing it for the first time. They do so, either by design or macabre coincidence while using this platform like a weapon itself.

One side argues we should modify or abolish the second amendment and confiscate all privately owned guns. The other side argues protection of the second amendment and dares the other to come take their guns.

I am not going to get into that debate here. What I am going to get into is the real problem.

Many are now suggesting that a contributing factor in the undeniable and impossible to ignore increase in gun violence is the increasing number of “At-Risk-Youth.” This would be youth with no afterschool or other time-filling program options, a lack of parental or mentor guidance in the home or a combination of all. While this is absolutely true in many cases, it is not so in all. However, it is the latter than gets the press and is used – grotesquely so at times – as a rally flag.

Let me make sense of what I just shared.

This past weekend alone, five people were brutally murdered in the town of Cleveland, Texas. Many reports suggest they were shot “execution style” as most of the fatal shots were from the neck up. As always, many who always refuse to let bodies cool and investigations get underway were already screaming about gun control. I, for one, have matured enough in my life to know it is better to wait for facts than to run off shouting and sharing assumptions. While this investigation is still very much underway and the suspect is being sought, here is what has been learned.

The suspect was firing a weapon in his yard. Neighbors have shared that gunfire is nothing new and that authorities are frequent visitors there. The people living next door to the suspect asked him to stop as one of their children was napping. The suspect went to that home, entered, and killed most of the occupants, including a small child. He then took off.

We know he left many things behind, including the alleged murder weapon, cell phone, and ID. He is still at large.

We also know he was in our country – our state – illegally and has been deported before.

My question is what measure of gun control or at-risk program would have prevented this tragedy? Not one. This killer was here by invitation. An open border where we have made it almost impossible for U.S. agents to properly ID, vet or even capture all who enter our country and Texas at illegally.

Just a few weeks ago 4 people were killed and dozens injured in Alabama where a Sweet 16 birthday party was underway. One report said as many as 89 rounds were spent. The suspects, all travelled from Tuskegee and Auburn to Dadeville to attend the party, though each admits they were not invited, were later taken into custody.

Again, what measure of gun control or at-risk program would have prevented this?

And while the media and mouthpieces like Al Sharpton are always quick to come to the aid of the victims because they are of color, there has been no sign of Sharpton here. Perhaps he is just too busy seeking to take down McDonald’s because of his and his special interest group’s belief the fast-food chain is purposefully denying corporate inclusion. A worthy effort I am sure will save many lives.

Some young adults were recently taken into custody in Colorado following the death of a 20-year-old woman whose car was struck by a large rock thrown from an overpass by these 3 suspects. They later admitted to doing this a number of times since February. They also admitted to watching the victim’s car go off the road and later taking pictures of it as a trophy. While I don’t hear anyone yelling for rock control, I also don’t hear anyone suggesting these murderers were simply the byproduct of not having anything to do to fill their time. One suspect’s own father was later charged with obstruction. Ah! Maybe that is the problem.

Everyday it seems there are more and more shootings. But there are also more attacks and murders carried out using knives, crowbars, cars, trucks, hammers, shoving people onto subway and railway tracks, rocks – Cain killed Able with a rock!

Gun control? What measure of gun control would have prevented nearly any of the mass shootings we have all read and heard about in just the past few months? At-Risk youth? What program would have prevented the senseless killings in Florida, here in Texas or almost anywhere else of late?

The real issue is not control or programs as are being rallied for now. It is the refusal by anyone in the position to do so to stand up and shout his or her throat raw, “Enough!” There has got to be bipartisan cooperation as well as the actual desire to truly create change. Our country is in such political, social and economic disarray today I wonder if it is even possible to get back to strengthening the family unit so that morals and character are woven back into that fabric. Back to the rule of actual law and protection.

It may be too late though I do pray for hope. In the interim however, it appears those that can do something are simply satisfied eating chocolate chip ice cream. Laughing at things that just aren’t funny while spinning word salads. Sending a little girl to face the media everyday and hold steadfast to administrative policies and directives. Writing or anchoring news stories for click and share glory; pieces they hope the mindless will promote like wildfire – truth, fact or consequence be damned.

I hope that makes sense.


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