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There are many ways to go about resetting your mind to be positive and to allow it to function well.

Care Express Wellness Coach Rhonda Rodden gives these ten tips to help you get in good mental shape.

Shift your  mindset, don’t think only about the negative, think positively.

Choose where you get your health news, carefully. Don’t rely on Facebook alone.

Listen to your body- If possible keep a journal about how you’re feeling.

Make sure you surround yourself with positive influences, and that includes people.

Try meditation.. that can help to lower blood pressure and lower your blood sugar.

Try yoga.. Low impact exercise can help you clear the mental noise

Be Thankful take a minute or two to think about your situation. Everyone has something to be thankful about.  You can keep a gratitude journal to remind yourself about what you’re thankful about.

Appreciate your vulnerability, No one is perfect and opening up to your vulnerability helps to make you stronger. 

Be of service to others.. Nothing beats the feeling of doing something good for your fellow man.

And last on the list Be whole. Allow yourself to feel things in the moment.

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