Code Blue Warming Station Gearing Up For Colder Weather
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With the area starting to get into the true wintery season, Members of the Amarillo Housing First Code Blue Warming Station are getting ready to help those in need.

The group had to activate the first Code Blue of the season over the weekend due to the overnight wind chill being into the teens.

Code Blues are activated under three current criteria’s: 

  1. Three or more hours of eighteen degrees or lower wind-chill,
  2. Actively falling or recent ground accumulations of winter precipitation,
  3.  Seventy percent or higher potential of winter precipitation.

Vice President and Executive Director Virginia Williams Trice spoke about how the public can help if they see someone out in the cold.

The warming station is located at 207 North Tyler at the Amarillo Housing First building and is open from 7pm to 7:30am.

Williams Trice said on average they see about 60 individuals utilize the shelter and 111 during the big freeze in 2021.

If you see someone out in the cold TEXT 806-414-2243 with a LOCATION and DESCRIPTION of the individual and they will have one of the volunteer mobile teams check on them and offer a ride to the local emergency shelters or to Code Blue Warming Station.

The Group is also taking donations such as blankets, coats, gloves and socks, hand and feet warmers, nylon blanket and sleeping bags.

Pets are allowed in the shelter. If they are well behaved they can stay with the owner but the shelter does have dog houses that can be used if necessary.

For more information on the Shelter click here.

If you’d like to receive activation alerts, you can subscribe to the email/text alerts at
If you’re interested in volunteering at CBWS, please fill out this online form:
Monetary donations can also be given on their website here.
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