Christmas Season Beef Trend Info

We do a weekly interview on the KGNC Agribusiness News Hour with Mr. Ed Czerwien of CZ Cattle Analytics in Amarillo. He has had a long standing relationship with KGNC and has contributed a weekly report for many many years. He has had a very extensive career with USDA, different sales barns across the country and now with his own analytics company.

You may not know this, but the report Ed does for KGNC is only the beginning of the information he produces weekly – everything from video content in BEEF Magazine to articles in The Cattle Business Weekly.

Looking at the end of 2020, Ed did a write-up regarding the Christmas Season Beef Trends that includes graphs and written explanations. To see the article in The Cattle Business Weekly, Click here.

There are also some trends we see during a typical Christmas season when it comes to Boxed Beef, Fed Cattle and Feeder Cattle – though this year those trends are slightly off thanks to 2020 being the year of unknowns. You can hear me read the weekly report on Ed’s behalf in the link below.

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