BSA Hospice of the Southwest Hosting Virtual Support Groups

BSA Hospice of the Southwest is offering virtual support groups for those who are grieving but are isolated.

The group will host a series of 6 virtual sessions every Tuesday via Zoom from 6:00 to 7:30 pm starting January 26 through March 2. 

Deborah Andrews, Bereavement Coordinator at BSA Hospice of the Southwest said “Without support, people can get ‘stuck’ in grief over time, so we want to offer these families a safe community where they can feel seen, heard, and understood.” 

Because of social distancing, some families cannot say goodbye to loved ones or have the closure and physical support of friends, family, and other loved ones at memorial services or other spiritual and traditional ceremonies. This issue adds another layer to the grief families are experiencing during the pandemic.

Participants must be registered by the second session February 2 to participate in the class.

For more information, or to register, for the Grief During the Pandemic Support Group, call (806) 350-1352.

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