24 Hours in the Canyon And Amarillo Fire Department Sending 2020 Up in Smoke

24 Hours in the Canyon and the Amarillo Fire Department will be ending 2020 Up in Smoke.

With several programs and outreaches being canceled in 2020, both organizations have about 3,000 unused event bids that are going for $5 each.

Individuals who purchase a number can submit a statement regarding 2020, and it will be attached to a bib number. 

On December 31st, the bib numbers will be burned while safely being monitored by Amarillo Fire Department as to send 2020 on its way and usher in a brand-new year.

Funds from this event towards the purchase of a much needed, new, open-air drill tower. 

AFD’s current training tower is located at the Amarillo College East Campus near the old airbase.

24 Hours in the Canyon’s funds will be used to license a new wellness and resilience program that was recently developed called Emerging from the Haze.

For more information visit 24 Hours in the Canyon.

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