Two Confirmed Fatalities Caused By Fire

What has now become the largest wildfire in Texas history, the Smokehouse Creek Fire has burned more than one million acres, destroyed homes and property, and an estimated 5000 head of cattle.

Officials are also now confirming at least two deaths resulting from this fire.

Cindy Owen of Amarillo was involved in an incident in Pampa, near the fire there. She was taken by ambulance to the burn center in Oklahoma City where she passed away.

Jennifer Mitchell says Owen lived in Amarillo but was in Pampa for work when her vehicle became disabled while it was surrounded by the fire. She was burned when she left her vehicle.

Joyce Blankenship was the first known victim of the fire in Stinnett. The former substitute teacher was found in her burned home after her grandson sought help in locating her on a community forum.

Authorities have been unable to conduct a thorough search for victims due to conditions but do caution damage in many communities is extensive.

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