Tri-State Fair Shooter Charged

17-year-old Eleazar Suarez has been charged with assaulting two public officials at the Tri-State Fair last Monday,

Texas Ranger officials say Suarez knowingly and intentionally shot Deputy William Snyder and Potter County Volunteer Firefighter Brady Carroll.

The complaint states that on September 19, Suarez and another man got into a fight and when law enforcement tried to intervene, he started to run.

Snyder and Carroll chased after him and Carroll saw him raise his firearm and began shooting.

Deputies returned the fire and wounded Suarez and a 9-millimeter gun was found on him along with ammunition taken from the protective vests.

Snyder was released from the hospital on September 21st and Carroll was let go from the hospital on September 23rd.

A recommended bond for Carroll is for 1 million dollars

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