Texas Runs on Water Campaign Unveils New Mural Downtown

Texas Runs on Water is a statewide campaign emphasizing the need for water conservation and preservation for a state that has been drying up more and more over the years. 

But with a campaign like this, not many would expect a display like the one unveiled on Thursday. 

Early Thursday afternoon, TRoW, in partnership with the Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District, and local nonprofit organization, Blank Spaces, unveiled a beautiful art mural here in Downtown Amarillo. 

Blank Spaces’ Executive Director Shawn Kennedy spoke about the message behind this mural. 


The mural is on the side of the City of Amarillo Facilities building, located at 8th Avenue and Johnson street. 

To learn more about Texas Runs on Water, visit their website at TexasRunsonWater.org, or follow them on social media @TexasRunsonWater on Facebook


Amarillo’s City Officials are pictured here with the Blank Spaces team.
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