School Four Day Work Week

Several schools in the Panhandle have either gone to Hybrid or 4-day attendance to help cut days off for teachers and other staffers.

Groom ISD says while it has gone to a 4-day school week, they are still facing problems, brought on by the change and they include school calendar change.

School officials say the change was made to accommodate students and teachers to take days off for personal appointments.

A Principle in the Groom system says while the change has worked and is going fairly well, the current schedule is not working out for the District, and they have seen an uptick in student school attendance with the hybrid schedule.

He points to a lack of continuity as a major cause of some of the issues, but they will adjust the schedule to accommodate the four-day work weeks.

School officials say they will look at adjusting the hybrid schedule to make it more consistent and taking away some of the gaps, but continue with it to take advantage of its benefits.

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