Pantex Modernization

Pantex is looking to modernize its facility with new facilities, workforce and an increase in production.

So far, there has been a large amount of construction and deconstruction at the Pantex site with unused and 75 year old buildings being replaced with newer structures designed to step up production and bring the site up to date.

The John C Drummond Center is the largest and newest building on the Pantex site, replacing more than 50 obsolete buildings and housing over 11-hundred employees.

The JCDC opened in 2018 and is undergoing renovations to address future needs.,

Pantex officials blame Covid as causing the change approaching how they do work and the workload is increasing over 100% from 2021 to 2022 and is seen to be increasing from 2022 to 2025.

Modernizing the stockpile is one of the top tiers of mission delivery at Pantex, as the workforce moves into the future, their goals focus on adapting and delivering.


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