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Panhandle Schools Food Problems

Eating lunch at school

Panhandle school systems are apparently having a tough time feeding their students.

Claude Independent School officials is having trouble Finding food like hot dogs, potatoes, and chicken for lunch.

They serve anywhere between 140 to 160 students every day.

Other school Districts like Channing, Dumas, and Pampa are also having problems feeding students.

West Texas Food Service Serves 54 schools in the Panhandle and they’re saying labor shortages and increased prices for transportation and warehousing are causing some school districts to make last-minute changes to make ends meet. The schools are even running short of supplies like styrofoam trays, small portion cups, and plastic silverware.

Canyon serves over 6-thousand students a day and has to get a jump to help on food supply shortages, and has moved it’s order time ahead by a week.

The U.S.D.A has distributed 1 point 5 billion dollars to help schools get the resources to feed students.

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