Change With “The CHAT”

Everybody changes during their life time. You know, you age, you are strong and muscular in your younger years, a little

expansion as you enter middle age and then you start to lose muscle mass and all the assorted aches and pains that come

with aging. During the month of July, the Change with the Chat will be putting on a challenge to you to change your habits,

whether it’s losing weight, gaining weight stop, smoking, eating better,cutting cholesterol or whatever.

Take for instance like for me… I intend on trying to gain weight so I won’t be the 98 pound weakling like in the old Charles Atlas commercials in the back of comic books.

I can imagine there are some out there who want to go the opposite way and lose all the weight they can.

So, if you want to make a healthy change in your life, be it physical, mental or whatever you can join up on our facebook page
News, Talk, Sports 97 point 5 or 710 KGNC A.M and we’ll take your suggestions and challenges and hep you work through them.

On Behalf of Care Express Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden, Be Well and Stay Healthy. I’ll catch you next week with more Health and Wellness tips on The Chat and KGNC


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