Xcel Lowering Energy Costs

Xcel Energy will lower energy costs to customers in Texas and New Mexico.

A press release from the company says the cost of natural gas, which fuels more than 30 percent of the region’s power supply, has went down since last summer, and reduces a residential energy bill by $6.35 which is a 4.1 percent decrease.

The decrease is already in effect in New Mexico, but Texas is on its way to seeing the slide in lower electricity bills.

Another way customers can save on their energy bills is by using weather stripping on doors and windows, raising their home thermostat when no one is home and lowering it when someone is in the house, closing blinds and drapes during the day to block out heat from sunlight and use fans to circulate air throughout the home.

For more tips on energy savings, go to tx.my.xcelenergy.com

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