The Fight Against Underage Drinking Nets Citations And Arrests

The Amarillo Police Department continues to battle underage drinking.

During the week of Spring Break, APD assigned officers to the Underage Drinking/Social Host Liability Operation. The goal was to discourage and prevent underage drinking and drunk driving in Amarillo.

 Police checked known locations for underage drinking and responded to dispatched calls. 

As a result, 15 juveniles were warned or cited for violating park curfews, 9 minors were cited for possessing or consuming alcohol and also four juveniles were cited for possessing tobacco, and two for possessing drug paraphernalia.

 Officers arrested four other people including one for unlawfully carrying a weapon and one for reckless driving.

 Amarillo Police say they will continue to discourage underage drinking and work to reduce the number of impaired driving crashes and fatalities.

Even though Spring Break is over, The APD encourages everyone to continue to make safe and sober decisions. Remember, if you host any event, you are liable for everyone who is drinking.


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