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Instead of telling you about how we can provide success for your business, we let happy business owners / clients do it for us. Read these success letters…


We could not be more pleased with our media partner Alpha Media… we are already looking forward to our next job fair, and we trust our Alpha Media team to partner with us to get the word out.

Hunter & Kalinke

KGNC is concerned about our marketing strategies and does not hesitate to share their suggestions and expertise.

How easy is it to buy radio?


Step 1. Tell us what you would like to advertise

Step 2. Tell us your advertising budget

Step 3. When you want to start?

We will produce your spot, get your approval and start you on the path to success.

What tools do you have?

Radio Commercials – (Live / Recorded)

Digital Solutions

Personality Endorsements

On Site Broadcasts

Sponsorship Opportunities


Custom Packages

and more.

Who do I contact to get started?

Contact Cal at 806-351-8574 or [email protected] to get started.


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