EOW-Progress Test

Here”s a test to see if you’re making any progress in your fitness or wellness quest.

First the Plank- This’ll show how much you’ve increased your anterior core or trunk stability while suspended above the floor keeping your back stiff and straight as a board.

Get into the push-up position, only suspending yourself with your toes and elbows keeping your mid-section off the floor.

Hold the position for one minute, if you can.  You can’t? That’s a signal your core is weak. Work up to it with a knee plank.

The shoulder touch from the push-up position.

From the traditional push-up position, touch your hand to your left shoulder. This exercise is beneficial to cyclists because you don’t want to keel over when you take your hand off the handlebars. Also, rotational mobility is important in a sprint for transferring power From your legs to your hands. Do 10 repeats. 

The Tabletop: This checks lower back strength. Running a marathon or a cycling century, you know your power moves from your quads to glutes to lower back

Start off on all fours with a flat back and reach out with your opposite arm and leg in a quadrupled position, then do the other side. Do ten repeats.


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