CNS Pantex Contract Not Renewed

The National Nuclear Security Administration has decided not to renew Consolidated Nuclear Security’s contract to manage the Pantex Plant.

This is based on the NNSA performance-based evaluation that stateS CNS failed to correct serious, longstanding performance problems that either introduced or perpetuated unacceptable risk.

The contract is set to expire on September 30, 2021.


CNS released the following statement today regarding the decision:

The National Nuclear Security Administration has informed Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC, that the Fiscal Year 2019 Performance Evaluation Review score is 70.8 percent, and that it would not be exercising its second option to extend our contract to manage the Pantex Plant and Y-12 National Security Complex. The NNSA’s decision is disappointing, but it does not overshadow the important work performed by the patriots that come to work every day at our sites. CNS will review the NNSA’s feedback and drive to improve our performance. We remain focused on delivering our vital mission for the nation, safely and securely, while addressing challenges and continuing to build an enduring future for Pantex and Y-12.
Consolidated Nuclear Security


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