WTAMU President Issues Challenge

West Texas A&M University President Dr. Walter Wendler is issuing a challenge to students and the Canyon community to tie or beat a record during the Coffee Memorial Blood Center’s April Blood Drive on campus.

WT officials say Wendler will treat the campus to a picnic luncheon May 1st if faculty, staff, and the community donate 200 units of blood. The drive will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. April 16th through the 18th in the campus’ Legacy Hall.

CMBC recruitment Manager Misti Newsom says WT is one of the group’s biggest partners but the numbers have fallen off since a high of over 200 units were donated in 2018.

Dr. Wendler says he’ll will personally donate blood, and says he expects WT to also step up and walk the walk.

All donors who enter into the challenge have a chance to win a new iPad, and will get a free tee-shirt, a $10 Pak-A-Sak gift card, and one free entry to AMP’d Adventure Park in Amarillo, and Oklahoma City Zoo.

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