Texas Education Association Covid-19 Guideline Changes

The Texas Education Association has changed its guidelines allowing schools to close for up to 14 days , if a major number of campus staff is affected by Covid -19 to allow the virus incubation period to be completed.

The TEA made the change last Thursday. They’re saying during the days of closure School campuses can restrict student access to on-campus instruction and instead offer families remote instruction.

The agency goes on to say the significant number of cases would allow schools to close as such that the campus can no longer be sufficiently staffed for instruction even when making appropriate operational adjustments.

Under the new guidelines the closure will not be concluded until the school reopens for on-campus instruction for one instructional day while also listing restrictions of on campus instructional access can take the form of hybrid and fully remote

Before these changes schools were only allowed close down their campuses for up to five days to remains being fully funded while offering on-line only instruction.

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