Chris Ekstrom made the follow Facebook Post after losing the election for the 13th Congressional District……..

AMERICAN VOTERS found the COURAGE in 2016 to elect Donald Trump as their President. This was despite the boisterous & confrontational style that so many continue to criticize. Well I guess I became a DEPLORABLE; because I love the fact Trump doesn’t suffer fools!

My only regret about my own campaign (& it’s not the fact I lost to a Trump-endorsed Admiral) is that I wasn’t more plain spoken & blunt on the campaign trail. I was fortunate to have mainly positive encounters (outside of Amarillo). But I did show far too much tolerance for Village Idiots in (primarily) Amarillo & Wichita Falls.

Being a Christian Gentleman often demands one allow for the mentally deficient; & I did. But, in-retrospect, I allowed some really big fools to have too much verbal diarrhea in my proximity. “Sit down & shut up” is my normal response to morons in business. I should have been more clear. #Dunces

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