Warning Sign isolated on clean blue sky

Area Fire Crews are gearing up for another severe windy and Wildfire threat day. 

The Amarillo Fire Department says with high winds, extremely dry conditions, and a with a very high fuel load the area needs to add an extra level of precaution during the day.

AFD says you can keep your area safe by clearing leaves and other debris from around your home, remove dead vegetation and other items from your home, and keep your lawn hydrated and maintained. 

The Department also says just use common sense like Avoiding burning trash and grilling outdoors, Properly dispose of cigarettes, and never go to a scene of a grass fire.  

Curious drivers flooding the area prevent the fire crews from entering the emergency scene.


The Texas Department of Transportation is reminding drivers to take extreme caution the next few days with the high winds coming to the area. 

Be aware of high-profile vehicles such as large trucks, vans, buses, and those towing cargo because they are vulnerable to losing control or tipping over in high winds.  

Keep your distance and keep your eyes open and on the road.

Slow down and drive to conditions slower than the posted speed limit helps lessen the dangers of wind and helps you better control the vehicle.  

And simply use common sense.