AC Student Media Brings Over 20 Awards From 2019 Published Work

The Amarillo College Student Media is bringing home over 20 awards.

24 awards were given to the AC media students in the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association’s previously published work contest for 2019.

The victory is bittersweet, said Jill Gibson, AC’s chair of media, arts and communication. “Usually these prizes for previously published work are announced at our annual convention, which was scheduled this year in Corpus Christi, Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, we had to cancel the event.”

Some awards include Feature News Reporting, General News Audio, In-Depth Multimedia Story and Advertising/PSA/Promo-Video.

AC Student Media includes the college newspaper, The Ranger, the student magazine, The Current, The student operated radio station, FM-90, video production and graphic design.

2019 TIPA Awards
Feature News Reporting, honorable mention – Nathaniel Montoya, “Veterans Club”
Feature News Reporting, second place – Marc Pamplona, “Cops and Robbers”
Feature News Reporting, third place – Daniel Pineda, “Automotive Program”
General News Audio, first place – Kipper Sinclair, “Bon Election Proposed”
General News Audio, honorable mention – Isabelle Link, “Student Leadership”
General News Video, first place – Marc Pamplona, “Election Coverage”
In-Depth Multimedia Story, first place – Ranger Staff, “Bond Election”
Multimedia Feature, honorable mention – Ranger Staff, “Academic Dishonesty”
Multimedia Slideshow, third place – Isabelle Link, Jeremy Stitsworth, “Ordway Update”
Editorial Cartoon, honorable mention – Bailea Dooley, “Sexist Costumes”
Illustration, first place – Shawn McCrea, “Look of a Cheater”
Advertising/PSA/Promo-Audio, first place – Jake Day, “Rock of Ages”
Advertising/PSA/Promo-Video, second place – Kipper Sinclair, “Dove Creek Equine Rescue”
Feature Page/Spread Design-Newspaper, second place – Kim Reid, “Vinylthon”
Overall Design-Newspaper, third place – Ranger Staff, “Dia de los Muertos”
Program Production-Audio, second place – Jessika Fulton, Caylee Hanna, “Ranger Ramblings Conspiracy Theories”
Program Production-Video, second place – Daniel Pineda, “Mala Noche”
Special Edition Design-Print, second place – Claire Ekas, “Civics Week”
Overall Design-Magazine, honorable mention – Mackenzie Farmer, Lauren Ebben, Salvador Gutierrez, “Spring 2019”
Overall Excellence-General Magazine, honorable mention – Lauren Ebben, Current Staff, “Fall 2019”
Story Package Design-Magazine, honorable mention – Lauren Ebben, “Art of Print”
Overall Excellence-Newspaper, second place – Ranger Staff, “The Ranger”
Overall Excellence-TV Program, first place – The AC Report, “AC Report Newscast”
Overall Excellence-Website, honorable mention – Ranger Staff, “Three Links from Website”

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