The flooding in Nebraska is no joke– 75 cities in the state have declared states of emergency. But there’s been at least one bright spot in all the devastation. Kyle Simpson and his friend Gaylord Stouffer spent Sunday (March 17th) cleaning mud from Simpson’s property on the Platte River. When heading back to their car, Stouffer spotted what looked like a refrigerator in the middle of a field. Upon inspection, the men found it was in fact a mini fridge and it was full of ice-cold beer. The two cracked open two beers and enjoyed them, posting photos of their found treasure on Facebook. Some commenters called it the “magic fridge,” while others believe it was delivered to the men via divine intervention. After the post was shared over 5,000 times, the fridge’s rightful owner was found. Brian Healy says the fridge came from his family’s cabin, which didn’t survive the flood. Simpson promised Healy he’d be reunited with the refrigerator. (Yahoo)

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