One local Caprock High School science class is preparing for the Great American Eclipse.


The Earth and Space Science class at Caprock High School has been eagerly preparing for the Great American Eclipse, a rare celestial event. Their comprehensive understanding of the eclipse and their readiness for Monday’s observation are not just testaments to their learning journey but also a source of excitement and engagement for the entire class.


The class covered eclipses, the intrinsic discrepancy between solar and lunar eclipses, and what causes eclipses.  


The teacher, Mr Butterfiled, says understanding how the world works is essential for high school students.


Mr. Butterfield, the teacher, is thrilled that his students will experience Monday’s event. Their excitement is palpable, and their eagerness to learn and explore genuinely inspires, reflecting their deep engagement with the subject.


The class has been thoroughly educated on eclipse viewing safety as part of their preparations. This emphasis on not looking directly at the eclipse without protective glasses is crucial. It ensures that they are excited observers of this natural phenomenon and responsible and confident in their safety.


Butterfield says that Earth and Space Science classes are different from other high school science classes in that they are fun and re-establishes curiosity through science.

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