Elaine Hays Pursues A Strong Economic Future In Run For Place 1 Council Seat

Elaine Hays works daily to make sure her clients practice financial responsibility.

She brings that same attention to the bottom line to her place one seat on the Amarillo City Council.

Hays has spearheaded the “Buy The Way” campaign to encourage spending local dollars with local business, which in turn has grown the city’s general fund through sales tax revenue. This money goes towards paying police and fire personnel along with countless other city services.

Improvement of downtown Amarillo has been a major topic .

Elaine Hayes tells us why it was important to start the revitalization of our city in Downtown.

Hays also wanted to set the record straight on the myth that tax payer dollars were used to fund the building of the MPEV.

Hays added that improvements are coming to other communities throughout Amarillo with 10.3 million dollars the council has allotted for neighborhood projects.


Full interview with Amarillo City Council Place 1 Elaine Hays: