BBB Holiday Scam Precautions

The Amarillo Better Business Bureau has put together a list of how to avoid scams during this holiday season.

They say to be on the watch for scams trying to get money or personal information from you.

BBB President and CEO Janna Kiehl says do not react immediately because by clicking on a link, you’re giving out personal information.

Kiehl says you do not have to give out information to any account holder who already has it, and they’re not going to ask you for it.

She also says If you are shopping or on social media, watch out for scams trying to get money or personal information.

If you are asked to make a payment, donation, transfer or give personal information, make sure and report it.

The BBB says if you’ve been a victim or know someone who has been a victim of a scam, report it to

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