Xcel Time Use Rate Study Meeting

Xcel Energy is hosting a Time of Use Rate Study on Monday, April 15th.

The hybrid hearing is scheduled from 1;30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 790 South Buchanan Street.

You can register HERE.

The meeting will include discussion from and with those interested in the design and scope of the Time of Use Study proposed by Xcel, and to be conducted by Southwestern Public Service Company in 2024.

The TOU rates are utility pricing structures that adjust the amount of customers pay for electricity over a day or time of year.

The 2024 TOU Rate Study will evaluate the data that could be used in further customer rate designs.  

Meeting topics include describing the procedural history that resulted in SPS’s 2024 TOU Rate Study, reviewing the aggregate preliminary survey results and common themes, and determining the next steps necessary to develop the scope of work and engage necessary resources.

The study is being conducted because of the area’s electrical grid transformation.

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