WTAMU Announces Textbook Agreement To Save Students Money

In August 2023, WT President Dr. Walter Wendler announced what some considered an ambitious plan to eliminate most if not all textbook fees for all students. The goal was to have a plan in place by the fall of 2024.

Again, after conferring with staff and other campuses, the goal just seemed a little too big.

Thursday, it was announced West Texas A&M has entered into an agreement with publishers McGraw Hill and Cengage that will make digital textbooks available for every core class. This should prove extremely beneficial to incoming freshman who get hit hardest with textbook costs.

The program is expected to save students as much as five thousand dollars.

Some colleges that offer similar programs tend to increase or charge fees in order for students to take advantage of it. Dr. Wendler says WT will keep fees where they are. He added, “Since the day I came to West Texas A&M University, I have been concerned about student indebtedness.”

Expanding the program to higher level classes, perhaps even allowing free textbook options for all students is a hope moving forward.

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