WT Making Tuition Rates Lower For Their Faculty and Staff

West Texas A&M University is introducing a new waiver to assist full-time staff and direct dependents of staff members with their education. 

Starting in the Summer 1 session in 2022, WT will provide employees of the university with a 50% discount on tuition to the college. 

This cost reduction is toward admission and classes and does not affect the cost of housing, meals, books, or supplies. 

The reduction can be applied to a first bachelors’ degree, a graduate degree, or a second master’s or doctorate degree. 

There are other conditions that will apply, including financial aid considerations, and students will remain eligible throughout their education as long as they remain in good academic standing. 


This move by WT is expected to be the most generous waiver offered to university employees in  Texas or the Texas A&M University System.

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