Worforce Solutions Needs Workers To Satisfy New Employers Needs

Workforce Solutions says more jobs are becoming available as more employers are coming into the area, and that means region-wide.

They estimate that about 2-thousand new jobs are going to be available at companies like Amazon, Cacique, and Torkworx, among others. Amazon starts operations on May 11th and has already hired 500 plus employees and by opening in phases they’re going to need more.

They are more positions opening up on the horizon, but most won’t be entry-level, but experienced.

Another company, that will soon be putting out the help wanted sign is Cacique. They’ll start hiring in June. Workforce Solutions says once they start hiring it’s going to take off quickly.

Workforce Solutions say they will post all new jobs online and you can find links at the Solutions website or on workintexas.com or mytxcareer.com

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