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Wild Card Weekend Pick ‘Ems

We’ve made it football fans.  18 weeks of blood, sweat, tears and who knows what else have come and gone, and now it’s finally time to crown ourselves a champion.

Will Brady and Bucs be able to defend their crown?  Can Burrow take the Bengals to unprecedented heights?  Is this Big Ben’s last hurrah?  All of these questions, and plenty more, will be answered in the coming weeks.

Below are our picks for this slate of Wild Card games, including what each of thinks the score difference will be.

  • Bengals vs. Raiders
    • Allen: Raiders by 3
    • Carter: Bengals by 5
    • Jake: Bengals by 10
  • Patriots vs. Bills
    • Allen: Bills by 14
    • Carter: Bills by 10
    • Jake: Patriots by 2
  • Eagles vs. Buccaneers
    • Allen: Bucs by 7
    • Carter: Eagles by 3
    • Jake: Eagles by 3
  • 49ers vs. Cowboys
    • Allen: Cowboys by 3
    • Carter: Cowboys by 10
    • Jake: 49ers by 3
  • Steelers vs. Chiefs
    • Allen: Chiefs by 14
    • Carter: Chiefs by 10
    • Jake: Chiefs by 24
  • Cardinals vs. Rams
    • Allen: Rams by 3
    • Carter: Rams by 10
    • Jake: Rams by 6

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