What You Missed From Amarillo City Council This Week

Amarillo City Council took place on Tuesday afternoon, and here are some topics you may have missed. 

The full consent agenda was approved by the council, with various items within that portion from the appointing of a brand new Reserve Force with the Amarillo Police Department, to soon-to-be remodeled tennis courts at both the Amarillo National Tennis Center and the Memorial Park courts. 

Among the various topics discussed throughout the meeting, some great news was shared early in the meeting courtesy of the Department of Community Development. 

From the tremendous work of that department, as well as the equally tremendous turnout and support from the community, Transformation Park, the soon-to-be new haven for the homeless community in Amarillo will begin to break ground starting on Thursday, April 27th with festivities starting at noon. 

Beforehand, there will be a community meeting at the Downtown Library this Thursday, with various speakers and comments from the Department of Community Development and many others. 

The meeting will be open to the public, and for more information on the park, visit mytransformationpark.com. 

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