What Would You Think About Having Metal Detectors In Schools?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he’s happy with the results of his first roundtable on school safety. Abbott’s holding the discussions after last week’s attack at a high school near Houston where eight students and two teachers were killed. Abbott told reporters after the discussion he knows a “one size fits all plan” won’t work for every school or school district. He includes school metal detectors in that category, but noted a threat assessment strategy could work for all districts. The governor also suggested making it possible for parents and students to access school security cameras so they could monitor what was going on in schools. Two more roundtables are scheduled. (Metro News)

Some people have suggested metal detectors along with staggered start class times for sophomore, juniors and seniors so they aren’t trying to go through security all at the same time. Ever since metal detectors were installed in airports after 911, very few weapons have gotten on airplanes. So could metal detectors work much the same way in schools.

What Would You Think About Having Metal Detectors In Schools?

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