What Would You Give Up To Be Allergy Free For A Year?

Huuuuh-CHOOOO!  Oooo, please bless me!  Wait a sec, I need some eye drops for my watery, itchy peepers.  Okay.  Where were we?

You get the point.  Allergy sufferers are struggling today in the Panhandle. According to Pollen.com, pollen counts are high, and the numbers have stayed high for the past few days.  On a scale of 1-10, we’re at a 7.5 today, with grasses, hickory and oak making our collective noses create a financial windfall for Kleenex.

So here’s a question.  What would you give up to be allergy free for a year?  Please take our KGNC Instapoll and let us know.  Or feel free to give us a call between 6 and 9 a.m. at 806 350 0710!  Thank you!  Oh, and bless you!  Need a tissue?

What would you give up to be allergy free for a year?

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