What Would You Do If You Hit The Lottery?

AHHHH here we are facing another whopper jackpot. Mega Millions is now worth over 500 million dollars. Over half a BILLION dollars! Can you imagine?
What would you do if you won? Would you quit your job…donate to charity….tell very few people and just disappear? All of the above? None of the above? Or something different?

An article in Business Insider cites multiple studies on lottery winners and their happiness after winning. The consensus is that after the thrill of the win wears off, winners usually return to their normal happiness level, and that they aren’t significantly more or less happy than non winners. If you have any doubts about these studies, I am more than happy to volunteer to WIN and let someone test my happiness in a few years. For the record, a survey on CNBC says that 85 per cent of Americans are stressed about money, at least sometimes. So it seems to be reasonable to assume that 500 million or so might relieve the stress level a bit. Again…I am HAPPY to volunteer to find out!

Finally, I sincerely care about you, and from the bottom of my heart wish to save you from wasting money and energy. Here’s how; save money by not buying a Mega millions ticket. It’s pointless because I AM CERTAIN I AM GOING TO WIN. No need for ANYONE else to play! After that, you can come check my happiness in a few years in South Lake Tahoe. I’ll be doing a little radio, a lot of skiing, and some donating, too. But before the Tahoe move, I plan to sleep for about a month to catch up. Nighty night everyone!

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