What Was The Highlight Of Your Summer Of 2018?

This is going to sound like that paper that the teacher made you write upon returning to school in the fall, “What I did on my summer vacation.” We hope you did something fun over the summer months; maybe you went on a great vacation,  got married, had a child get married, attended a concert,  went to a summer festival, got to sleep late? There has to be a highlight in there somewhere. We would like to know what it was in our KGNC Insta-poll……

What is the best thing you did during the Summer of 2018?


Going back to school at WTAMU I have less then a year to go. Shane

Campfire cooking outside Red River!

Went swimming on 4th of July at a public pool.

Got a divorce and was finally able to afford and buy a motorcycle and a boat

I spent my 50th birthday with my best friend since middle school who I had not seen in a long time.




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