What To Do With Pets While On Vacation?

For many of us, staycations are okay, but travelling makes a complete vacation.  I love to travel, but it’s become more difficult recently for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is my pets.  Slinky the cat and Fluffy the cat and Mac Wee Bit the Collie dog have lost their baby sitter.  She retired recently, and it was a sad day when she brought my house key back, and said good bye to my furries.  They cried.  Okay, they didn’t cry.  I CRIED (if only on the inside)!   My animals get rattled when I go on vacation, and I don’t want to compound the situation by boarding them.  And trusted pet sitters are difficult to find, simply because they’re so much in demand.  It’s kind of like marriage material; the good ones are taken.

A 2016 survey by trustedhousesitters.com says that about half of pet owners don’t go on vacation because they can’t find pet care arrangements they’re comfortable.  That’s 40 million people!

Here’s the question for you:  what do you do with your pets on vacation?  Do you take them with you, board them, get a pet sitter…or just stay home? Maybe we should all think of taking up pet sitting since it seems to be such an in demand commodity.  Extra money to be made, maybe.  THAT would be awesome, except for the fact that pet sitters rarely get vacation.  Please take our KGNC Instapoll, and let us know what you think.


What Do You Do With Your Pets While You're On Vacation?

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