What Is Your Favorite Summer Themed Movie?

Many movies have been made that are set in the summer months. Let’s face it, summer is the time that we can get outside and enjoy the beach, go on vacation, go to summer camp, play baseball, cruise the drag in your hot rod, maybe even fall in love. I checked on several websites in writing this blog and there is kind of a consensus on the best “Summer Themed Movies” like Jaws, Dirty Dancing, American Graffiti, The Sandlot, National Lampoon’s Vacation, In The Heat Of The Night, Summer of ’42, Stand By Me, Field Of Dreams and even the Wizard Of Oz took place during the warm months of tornado season. What could be better than watching a summer movie during the summer at an outdoor drive-in theater.


Some of the movies you have mentioned: American Graffiti, Grease,  National Lampoon’s Vacation & Summer of 42




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