What Is Your Cold Weather Comfort Food?

Tim's Frito Pie

We could experience the coldest temperatures of the fall so far on Wednesday morning across the Texas Panhandle. Amarillo could drop to around 38 degrees. Areas of the northern Panhandle could be around the freezing mark. We had some pretty chilly weather on Saturday here in Amarillo and Canyon. When I went to the WTAMU homecoming parade Saturday morning the dash display on our KGNC KIA was reading 45 degrees with a north wind around 20mph. When I got home I wanted something to warm me up, so I made a Frito-Chili Pie. That really did the trick. So we were wondering what you like to eat when the weather gets colder.

What Is Your Cold Weather Comfort Food?

Listener Comments….

Home made chili!

Loaded nachos with beef


Homemade chicken and dumplings with a side of sausage balls




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