What If Your Company Tried To Make You Stop Eating Meat?

WHAT?????  Check this out from The New York Times;

The tech company WeWork actually has a boss with the title “Chief Culture Officer,” named Miguel McKelvey, and this guy is spearheading an effort to make the company meat-free.

The company will no longer serve red meat, pork or poultry at company functions. It gets worse.

The company will also not reimburse employees who order hamburgers during lunch meetings. (New York Times)

Well goody!  Now the food police have a : Chief Culture Officer.  I did a quick check and found that WeWork is based in New York , NOT in the Silicon Valley as you might have first guessed….but also has multiple branches and employs thousands of people in TEXAS!  Careful We Work.  You may have to change your name to WEEwork if you deprive people from the meats they love and protein they need.

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