West Texas A&M Featured in Inside Higher Ed

For most, getting into a college or university is very tedious, with some not even applying due to lack of requirements, or even talking themselves out of it. 

West Texas A&M University President Dr. Walter Wendler was featured in the latest article of Inside Higher Ed, discussing this, and what he has done to help fix that for students around the Texas Panhandle.  

Wendler details the implementation of his Principal’s Scholar Program, which sees principals at 137 high schools in or near the Texas Panhandle be invited each year to nominate five students for automatic admission to WT.

By looking at their transcripts, test scores for those who have them, and class rank, each student that enrolls will go through this process before admission. 

First launched in 2019, WT has since received 972 nominations from students and has enrolled 234 students through the system, with hopes to have something like this spread out to more universities across the country. 

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