Two Additional Suspects Arrested

22-year-old Melchor James Vences, 20-year-old Brendan Paul Givens

Justice will find a way.

Two more suspects have been arrested for the 2015 murder of Roberto Guadalupe Vasquez.

Vasquez was 27 years old when he was transported to a local hospital after being shot in the upper body. He later died at the hospital.

Special Crimes in Amarillo were given information that helped identify the four suspects. When the murder occurred, two suspects were juveniles – ages 15 and 16.

On July 10th, the order to arrest these two suspects was put into action, and they were placed in the Potter County Correction Center the same day.

The two adult suspects were jailed for unrelated charges and their murder warrants were served in jail. Melchor James Vences, 22, and Brenden Paul Givens, 20, remain in Randall County Jail.



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