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TTHSC Warns Of Online Prescription Medication

(Photo: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center)

With nearly half of the US population taking prescription medication, Officials with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center says make sure you know where your medicine is coming from.

A recent study showed that the number of Americans who have purchased prescription drugs online or from social media sites is about 4%. 

That number is expected to increase significantly through 2026 eventually producing approximately $146 billion in revenues for online pharmacies.

Pharmacist and Toxicology Expert Charles Seifert with Texas Tech said the availability of counterfeit and look-alike drugs means one can never be sure that what they order online is actually the drug they receive.

He says be cautious when buying online from places that are based in Mexico due to the cartel having entered the counterfeit drug business because “One Pill Can Kill”.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that a place is legitimate is by going to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy website.

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